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The Peaceful You!

The Peaceful You! is for the woman in you who wants to relax to the max. Simply perfect if you are seeking a better and different way to de-stress and resolve your issues.

This irresistible low-cost offer is Guaranteed to Relax! And when You relax, solutions come to you, and life becomes easy and more enjoyable!


  • Experience deep relaxation as you listen to 'The Crystal Meditations. ' Use these meditations to find inner guidance and manifest your heart's desire!
  • A workbook on how to deepen your experience with the Crystal Meditations.
  • Explore a number of ways to work with and alleviate your stress using Kyra's Stress Buster Strategies.
  • Utilize the De-Stress Checklist so you have reminders to keep front and center, as your support system.
  • Expand your consciousness with Kyra's 5 Steps to Enlightenment!
  • We saved the best till last: Schedule a 20 minute live Zoom conversation with Kyra.  A chance to ask your biggest question and have a short energy re-balancing.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds.

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The Peaceful You!

Experience Deep Relaxation - Unlock Your Creativity & Zest!
The Peaceful You!
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The Peaceful You!

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