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Crystal Meditations

Meditations for the woman in you who wants to relax. Simply perfect if you are seeking a better and effective way to eliminate stress and resolve your issues.

Adventures of Alice Wonderbar recommends the Crystal Meditations for your enlightenment!


  • Experience deep relaxation as you listen to 'The Crystal Meditations.'
  • The Crystal Heart Meditation rebalances your Heart Chakra and center of vitality. It supports you in manifesting your heart's desires!
  • The Crystal Palace Meditation takes you on an inner journey to meet your Crystal Guides aka your inner wisdom. You can ask your questions and receive your needed answers.
  • Each meditation is just over 30 minutes. You can listen to them over and over as needed to alleviate your stress and receive guidance.
  • The Crystal Meditations were channeled by Kyra with amazing, music by Allyna Harris.
  • You also receive an e-book on how to deepen your experience with 'Crystal Meditations.' And become Your Peaceful You!
  • The Crystal Peaceful You e-book shares all about crystals and chakras!
  • Alice Wonderbar recommends these meditations. If You haven't read her adventures go here

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Crystal Meditations

Experience Deep Relaxation - Unlock Your Creativity & Zest!
Crystal Meditations
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Crystal Meditations

Crystal Meditations
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