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You are invited to join one of Body Being & Heart’s courses.

Please contact for the details of the course.

Each training brings you Skills, Self Awareness and Presence to Expand Your Healing Process for Yourself and Others!


  • Two-day course, 10 am-5:30 pm In-Person or On-Line
  • Plus! There are two practice sessions. Dates and time to be decided by group
  • Yes, there is lots of time to ask questions!
  • If you are attending On-Line and cannot be present for the entire course a replay will be available for a limited time
  • Yes, there are breaks, 10-15 min. in the morning and afternoon. Lunch is 1 hour 1/2 from One pm to 2:30 pm. We usually go out or sometimes have a picnic in the group room for those in-person
  • You may be taking a Continuing Education course for Massage Therapists or joining in for the first time. Either way you are welcome to join the Body Being & Heart professional Training once you have taken one course with Kyra
  • The opportunity is to start where you are. And develop your Body Being & Heart. If you are already a certified therapist , the continuing Ed Courses are a perfect fit or if you are just beginning or want to deepen your experience ask about the Body Being & Heart Professional Courses.

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