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Each training brings you Skills, Self Awareness and Presence to Expand Your Healing Process for Yourself and Others! for the details of the course you are attending.

One on One private courses are available,1/2 the time plus slightly more expensive.


  • Two-day course, 10 am-5:00 pm In-Person or On-Line
  • Plus! There are two practice sessions. Dates and time to be decided by group
  • Yes, there is lots of time to ask questions!
  • If you are attending On-Line and cannot be present for the entire course a replay will be available for a limited time
  • Yes, there are breaks, 10-15 min. in the morning and afternoon. Lunch is 1 hour 1/2 from One pm to 2:30 pm. We usually go out or sometimes have a picnic in the group room for those in-person
  • You may be taking a Continuing Education course for Massage Therapists or joining in for the first time. Either way you are welcome to join the Body Being & Heart professional Training once you have taken one course with Kyra
  • The opportunity is to start where you are. And develop your Body Being & Heart. If you are already a certified therapist , the continuing Ed Courses are a perfect fit or if you are just beginning or want to deepen your experience ask about the Body Being & Heart Professional Courses.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds But you can receive a credit for future courses or if appropriate personal sessions.

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Body Being & Heart Courses
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