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Alchemy of Healing Retreat Live on Zoom

All about You! Discover Energy Healing, Personal and Spiritual insight as you experience Kyra’s On-Line Retreat. Come closer to Your True Self….Awareness and Presence as you Expand Your Well-Being! Zoom Link sent after registration.


  • Relaxation and Healing!
  • An opportunity to nourish Your Self!
  • Experience a taste of 'Antara' Kyra’s unique approach to Well-Being
  • Enjoy easy to do activities and explorations for your Body Being & Heart!
  • Feedback and Qestion Time!
  • Receive a replay of the Retreat! So You can go deeper whenever you want!

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Alchemy of Healing Retreat

2 hour Live Zoom Retreat
Alchemy of Healing Retreat

Alchemy of Healing Retreat

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